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Thread: First Stag

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    First Stag

    Many thanks to all the Barnstable boys for all there hard work finding me first stag.
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    Nice one Chinky,first one under the belt mate.


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    Wish it was me .... Nice animal

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    well done mate, nice tikka and a great stag for your first

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    That is real sweat coming off me, shot half an hour before last light and got back at 11.30 completely knackered. As me mate told its easy pulling that trigger now go and get it.
    This was only the baby there was some monsters calling in the near by woods. If i receive a picture i will post it up. Yep Tikka is my trusty 30-06 no prisoners

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    Congratulations on your first stag! That would do for me as my first one.

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