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Thread: Tikka T3 7mm rem mag

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    Tikka T3 7mm rem mag

    Hi Guys,

    Do any of you shoot a tikka t3 in 7mm rem mag?

    Just looking for thougths and advice, i have the chance of some boar shooting abroad and the 7 mag would fit the bill nicely, but being a left hander choices are limited.

    regards robbo

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    my rem mags orted many pigs out.
    its on an older tikka 690 action but with the muzzle brake a pussy cat to shoot.

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    likewise, I shoot a 7RM with muzzle brake (sauer 202) for Boar, cracking calibre. As an aside if you get a 2.5-10 type scope you can wind the scope down for boar and up again for hill stalking and the like or take it over to Africa for plains game. Very versatile which is why I like it.



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    Just back from Namibia over a month ago where I had a shot of one and decided "I gotta get me one of those" filled out the paperwork and I'm now the proud owner of a Sauer 90 in 7mm rem mag. Excellent bit of kit, not too punchy, great trajectory and lot's of oomph downrange. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!


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