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Thread: Difficult find

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    Difficult find

    Went out today for a wee roe and after getting the one i was after he made a dash for it if it wasn't for the dog he would never have been found and this wee buck would never have made it to my freezer. GET A DOG YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO

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    It never ceases to surprise me just how quickly Roe can disappear in these circumstances.
    Forget Realtree I think I should patent a 3-D deer hair pattern!
    Good photo, good looking Dog and good effort.
    All the best

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    Realtree aint a patch on wirehaired pointer, mine just blends into the woods. He also hides in the garden at night just by standing still and laughing at me trying to get him in, normally he is only a few yards away.

    6.5x55 is there a prize for spotting the buck, do you get to win the dog?
    Is there realy a buck there or are you trying to wind us up?

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    I love your dog, but your gardening isnt up to much.

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    I think the Buck is under the 2 fallen trees on the left of the picture by what looks like an old wall, he is on the right of the wall you can just see the White of his rump patch, about 2' from the wall.

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    Just beat me to it!

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    Can't have the dog it's due back on Heartbeat on Sunday night.
    Deefa? D for dog.

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    You know I think you are right with your observations!! You must have learnt that from the Infantry.

    6.5 x 55, you are refering to this Roe as a he, surely you mean her, if you were out this morning.

    As I have said to you in the past a cracking dog. Hope you have many enjoyable days out with it.


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    I have been stalking a long time STEYR 308 and i am sure it was a buck .It was one that had been reported to me because it was in an accident a wire fence i think with the small stomach wound.
    Yes buck is n the left exactly were he fell .


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    6.5 x 55,

    I do believe you have stalked a long time and I am very sorry if you read this wrong, I was not judging your ability of ascertaining the sex of any deer species. I was merely questioning the sex of the animal culled for this time of year.

    Since you did not indicate in your post that the animal had been injured I only assumed that you meant ''her''.

    At the end of the day, only the stalker can make that decision to squeeze the trigger if he witnesses through the scope a deer so badly wounded that it truly requires culling.



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