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Thread: Hi eveyone :D

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    Hi eveyone :D

    I have been going shooting with my dad for a number of years, watching and learning but the past couple of years i have began to use guns myself i now have a 20 bore shotgun and use my dads 223, 243 and 270 rifles. I hope i can find more good advice and tips on this site. Im 15 from Scotland.

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    Welcome to the site young man,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Lucky lad, your dad is very good to you. Shoot safe, you'll get a lot from this site.

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    Thanks JAYB and K333ROE

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    good on yas, get out there & enjoy. welocome

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    Welcome, don't be afraid to ask there are plenty on here who will answer any questions.

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    welcome to site, hope you enjoy your dads good to you

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