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Thread: Buckhound

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    This guy was reared in kennels and walks out with hounds.

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    He is a bit bigger now, if I can make the 2nd dog day I could bring him with me.

    Only joking he gets car sick!

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    blimey best put you on the list then

    wot hav you named the little fella?
    any more recent pics and does he hav his own couch

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    His name is Bam Bam and was found by my pal when excercising hounds. The kids have reared and played with him and he lives in a puppy paddock at the kennels.

    I will post some more up to date pics, but here is my favourite my daughter feeding him.

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    Cracking pictures there, how big was he when you got him?

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    We used to have goats around the kennels when I was a lad, the though was that hounds would get used to a similar scent to deer
    This was an old Idea and it worked
    Fact was the hounds were steady to deer,

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    What pack of hounds are they? One of those in the background looks like an Otterhound.

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    cl&c the minkies kennel with them for convenience.

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