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Thread: BBC news Monday call for deer cull

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    BBC news Monday call for deer cull

    Yesterday I read with interest that according to the BBC we were entering a period of significant deer RTA's according to them due to the Rut being on. There also seems to be a very large proportion of RTA's within the M25 (? roe/munties but not in rut).

    Some comment from the DI saying with a deer population of 2 million in this country, 30k needed to be culled each year.

    Not knowing the figures I expect more than 30k roe are legally shot each year. Also sweeping statement that land owner can get a gun and just go out and shoot deer.

    Cannot believe such rubbish is being continually broadcst by the BBC, why arn't the many field sport associations making some meaningfull input?

    I suspect that lots more RTA's with roe due to the changing dayloght and all the maize now being cut so no cover and they are all on the move.

    Any thoughts?


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    I think someone missed a zero there, 30,000 cull to maintain a 2 million population? Wouldn't put a dent in it.

    The deer population is estimated at anywhere between 1.3m and 2m. Lets assume just over 60% are Roe and Muntjac combined, maybe 800,000 deer, of whom 400,000 are female. With Roe regularly producing twins, and muntjac popping fawns every 7 or 8 months, recruitment of these two species alone is going to be in excess of 500,000 per annum. And that is ignoring Reds and Fallow.

    Estmates are that the annual cull in the UK is actually 300,000 deer, you can see why the population is growing.

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    Maybe they need more space & the tarmac needs pulling up !Our over populated little Island is bursting & the wild life gets the blame ! I not be suprised when the Island sinks

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    I just wish a few more would come my way !!!

    Cheers + ATVB

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    I spoke to the bbc this morning, they rang me after 9 spoke to me at 10.30 and i was on air at 1.30
    bit of a shock really.
    have to watch it tonight.
    the resercher said it was about the di cull in our area and nationally. I said i wsn't aware of a local di cull.
    she then went on to ask about rta in the area.
    this is what the interviewer was most interested in and the spread of munties north.

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