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    Best clothes

    Having been spending the usual 200 to 300 on fancy goretex harkila trousers, jackets, etc. and continuously finding that when properly exposed to the elements, they are simply NOT waterproof

    I've been in long comms with harkila about replacements, etc. but it's an ongoing saga.

    Anyway, I have found these:

    This range of Solognac is A. warm, B. very hardwearing, and C. proper waterproof - you can sit, lay, etc. in a highland bog or in torrential rain on spagnum moss for hours, and it will NOT LEAK!!! it does not really make too much noise either

    Jackets are the same - at these prices, this has got to be a number 1 all time winner of best hunting products IMHO.

    Decathlon opening in Edinburgh this winter

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    Over the years I had plenty of Decathlon stuff. Some very, good others less. If you have a decathlon close to your home, it's best to check it out. Decathlon wellies just looked useless to give an example. I have a shooting vest which is the best I ever had.
    They also have good, strong, waterproof leggings for the beater, roughshooter.

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    I use a decathlon arpenaz 300 jacket for most of my shooting and its fairly quiet, fully waterproof and cheap. I've a goretex jacket which was over 200 which I used to use hill walking and find the Decathlon jacket almost as good.

    I prefer layers when outdoors and the Decathalon jacket works well.

    Some good stuff to be found for little money.

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