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Thread: Wild Game Meat Hygiene Level 2 Certification

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    Wild Game Meat Hygiene Level 2 Certification

    Hi All,

    Does anyone happen to know of any of the Wild Game Meat Hygiene courses scheduled around the midlands?

    The only one I can find is Somerset and I really don't want to travel for 3 hours and 160 miles each way if I can help it......

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    Call BASC, I think they were running day courses around the country, although they are not cheap..

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    Thanks Pete, BASC were my first port of call, but they only have courses planned in Somerset and Scotland.

    I may have to bite the bullet and travel as I need to get this sorted quickly.

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    Tikka, I don't know if it will be of any help, but back in 2005 a group of local stalkers got together with some game shooters and managed to get a team of tutors/assessors to come to Cornwall to do DSC1 assessment & a Meat Hygiene Course. If memory serves, there were 9 stalkers for DSC1 assessment and 11 for Meat Hygiene. Again if my memory is correct ( and it's not as good as it once was) the cost was 140 for DSC1 & 90 for Hygiene course. We provided the venue for class work, a suitable range for rifle work and sufficient farmland to set out simulated stalking situations. I got the tutors/assessors details from BASC who I have to say were extremely helpful. If you can get together sufficient people, you may be able to do something similar. Just a suggestion, hope it helps. Cheers, Pete.

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    Hi Pete,

    That is a very good idea, I'll make a few calls and see what I can come up with.

    Thank you.

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    Wild Game Meat Hygiene courses

    hi tikka
    where abouts are you in the midlands?im in staffordshire,i may have an idea for you,

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    Hi Tikka.308,

    I'm West Northants, on the Warwickshire border.

    I'd be interested to hear your idea.

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    sent you a pm mate

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