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Thread: Care of synthetic stock

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    Care of synthetic stock

    I have just purchased a Sauer 202 Synthetic in 30-06. What is the best way to look after the black synthetic stock? Is there a spray or cleaning fluid that keeps it looking good?

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    If its looking dull, a bit of Carnuba Wax will restore the sheen, alternatively a squirt of back to black automotive trim spray.

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    Even a bit of wd40 on a rag will bring it back to new

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    Ballistite oil does mine, plus my boots plus my knife sheaths, plus my dogs coat, plus many other things I cant name, seems to be a wonder product with a 1001 uses, a can goes a long way. deerwarden.

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    Thanks guys, this forum always provides good info/advice. By the way deerwarden, I think you mean Ballistol Oil, as Ballistite is an explosive/propellant !
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    I had a Sauer Outback and sprayed it with Napier Gun Oil and worked in with rag, stock always looked new.

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    Woops big bang rather nice stock, wondered where my dog had gone, deerwarden

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