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Thread: Bead blasting

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    Bead blasting

    does anyone know how much a smith will charge to bead blast an action?

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    PM Kaleidoscope off here, owner of Jager Sporting arms, if you are bead blasting firearms parts you want somebody that is familiar with the job.



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    I can get a barrel done for 15 pound. So a action around 20 to 25 pound
    Is it a stainless action. Or is it steel and you want it done so you can have it reblued

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    Bead blasting leaves a pretty finish and has it's place. If you get it done, be sure that the parts are properly masked before processing so only the bits you want treated get done and after it's done ensure meticulous care is taken to clean your bits. Shattered glass bead is not what you want embedded in the sliding and load bearing surfaces of an action.
    If I did one, I'd lap polish all working surfaces after beading and ultrasonic clean to finish.


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    I wonder how many smiths actually have such capabilites/means to bead blast. Years ago I spent some time covering holiday for the chap who operated the Aquablaster... Glass beads in water under pressure. Was used to clean and leave a very smooth matte finish to alloy and stainless for the companies lab equipment which they made. My point is that the machine for such was BIG and boy did in make a mess in the area it was situated. Not what you want in a gunsmiths shop methinks.

    I got permission and used to to totally clean up the alloy cases of a 1947 Ariel VB engine that had been meant for the military but with the end of the war they just painted over teh Kharki with silver. The blaster removed all that ancient paint and brought the casing up like new.

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    You're right Brit - Blast cleaning machinery either wet or dry is necessarily big and even in the best plants it's a dirty process.
    One thing to ensure if getting blast cleaning done is - the machine must be purged and cleaned before loading the glass charge so no residual media (like blasting grit or steel dust/residue from previous jobs) is left in there to contaminate the glass and spoil your parts.


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    Neil McKillop sends his actions out for slurry blasting. Give him a bell cos I can't recall the cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    Neil McKillop sends his actions out for slurry blasting. Give him a bell cos I can't recall the cost.
    Neil had an action and a new barrel vapour blasted for me just last month. Think it was about 65 plus the VAT.

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    Do my own with a really fine mesh glass bead, finish is a nice silky smooth effect!

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    Callum Ferguson did by barrel and mod 40 and did an excellent jobby

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