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Thread: 6 x 42 or similar for rimfire

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    6 x 42 or similar for rimfire


    My .22 rimfire currently has a cheap variable power / illuminated scope on top of it. Its not great. I would like to replace it with something simpler, but with better glass.

    I have a budget of up to about 200. I'm ideally looking for a 6x42 or similar.

    I'm after a good reliable make and I'm not bothered about age or external condition. Glass needs to be good though. I'm not after something brand new or up to date.

    I thought someone might have some decent old glass knocking about that they no longer need and would like to move on.

    Send me a PM if you'd prefer not to post in open forum



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    I've got a Leupold 6 x 42 'M8' on mine which was pretty much designed (and parallaxed) for the .22 rimfire market. Great glass with a basic duplex reticle. I'm looking to change it for an illuminated ret as i only ever use it at night now. I'd rate it at 9/10 condition. I'd part with it for 170 including 1st class recorded postage.

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    Thanks for the PMs and reply on this. I am going to do some research, but will get back to everyone.

    Thank you for your messages.



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    I'm still looking if anyone has anything available.



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    Not sure if they would suit but have you ever seen the Pentax line of scopes?

    Might be worth a look:-

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