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Thread: How do the DSC 1 and 2 work?

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    How do the DSC 1 and 2 work?

    Hi, ive been stalking for a year or so and im looking at under taking my DSC 1. Is there a requirement to carry out the DSC 2 first or visa-versa? Any help would be appreciated

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Marshall DSC 1 first then DSC2.
    Paul at Barony on this site
    Go to training courses.


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    hi ,Paul at barony college would help.there are doing next dsc1 in november 12th/13th

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    Hi Jack, sent you a PM with my details. Drop me a line and I'll sort you out, ATB


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    There is an active BDS branch in your area -

    I suggest you contact them too as you work towards your DSC I.

    Regards JCS

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