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Thread: Pro hunter/Speer Hot Core

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    Pro hunter/Speer Hot Core

    Just done some reloads with 6.5 120 grain Speer Hotcore. Is it me or are they not as accurate as 120 Grain Pro sure I got better groups with them?


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    Well you might find a bit of fine tuning will help, that is assuming you have not already tried that, my experience of the Speers 120 grain Hot Cors was good. Very good but it might just be that your rifle prefers the Sierra's .

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    My rifle certainly prefers Sierra Prohunter bullets, but then again they were the first bullet I tried that turned in great results quickly. I tried Sierra Gamekings and they were pretty poor too in respect of accuracy. I didn't bother wasting time/money trying to find a sweeter spot in the rifle for them.
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    I only got the as they were cheap at the time as I love the Pro hunters, I am probabley being anal as the Speer are getting sub 1-1/2 inch groups at 100 yards but the Pro Hunters were sub inch and round on round alot of the time.

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    I struggled to get tight groups with speer 120g , but they were consistant in all conditions and always grouped around the aimpoint. Wasted most of them trying to get better results! I should have accepted that they were good enough and just got one wiyh culling deer as accuracy was still acceptable.The ones that were used on deer were fine plus round was sweet to shoot.

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