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Thread: Browning X -Bolt

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    Browning X -Bolt

    I'm quite impressed with what I've seen of the Browning X-Bolt (Screwed and fluted) I've read reviews, seen the awards, spoke to ex- browning people who all speak highly of it. Is there anyone on the forums here who owns one and regularly puts one through it's paces ?

    I would be interested to hear from an end user

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    i have one in .243.. overall i am pleased with the rifle it shoots well and its nice to handle. the only thing i dont like about it is the action which does not chamber the round very smoothly.... i would not discourage you from buying one but given the choice i would probably go for a tikka t3...
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Ive had one in .223 rem since they came on the market. never had the problem Jez mentions regarding chambering rounds, and have never regretted buying it.
    Light,accurate reasonable trigger a good workhorse on fox and smaller deer.

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    I have one in .223, no problems chambering any ammo, nice and smooth.
    Love the safety and the bolt release button allowing unloading while the safety is on.
    Hated the trigger, min it would adjust to is 3.5lb, clean and crisp but too heavy, turned out to be a very easy and free fix.
    My only real complaint is the factory threaded barrel.........
    M14 x 1mm if to large a thread for the light profile barrel, as it leaves nearly no shoulder.
    On top of that it was not concentric to the bore, and the shoulder was also out of square to the thread and not properly formed.
    I feel for the money it should have been better, but a decent re-thread in 1/2" x 20 tpi not only fixed it, it left a nice crown
    not the abortion that browning hacked into it.
    I would certainly buy another when I go for a bigger calibre, but would factor in the cost of a proper threading job, and the near 400 mile round trip to get it done.


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    I have one in 243... feels confortable and positive in your hand, personally I think it chambers well, it shoots well with Remington Accutip 75g and shoots excellent with homeloads both 70g and 95g.
    Trigger was a little heavy and I had a tendancy to pull the shot when I first got it but as already mentioned was an easy fix and now feels light and crisp, it certainly shoots where you point it and it always gives me confidence everytime I pick it up.
    I like it that much that i'm getting another in a larger calibre.

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    I don't think I've ever had so many informative answers and so quickly. Thank you all and I'll certainly take Neil's comments on board regarding the thread.
    Having read all these comments, I think I'll replace my .243 (secondary rifle ) first, if all goes well I might buy an additional .270.

    Thanks again. John.

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    Its a descision you won't regret.


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    I don't own one, but when looking for a new rifle recently it made it on to my shortlist of either X-bolt or SAKO 85. I tried one at the recent Bisley live event and was very impressed with the accuracy out of the box (shooting grape sized groups at ~180 yards!), but I have to say I didn't get on with the odd shaped bolt and the way it feels, and I agree with the posters above who say that the trigger was beautifully crisp but way too heavy for my liking. To be absolutely fair to Browning, this was a brand new rifle, and I was the first person ever to shoot it apart from the RO who zeroed it, so perhaps some trigger adjustment , general running in and a dab of grease on the bolt may result in a different gun entirely. For the money, not a bad rifle at all. In the end I bought the SAKO, though, because it simply felt right as soon as I picked it up, which counts for a lot in my book. Whether the SAKO is worth the few hundred quid more is moot.
    When all's said and done, it will come down to your personal preference, but I have no doubt an X-Bolt will get you deer.

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    It was you that shot at Bisley Live then ! I knew someone did ! I begrudged to pay 12.50 to register with the NRA when I am already a fully paid up member, plus the ammo.
    Thanks very much for your thoughts. I primarily shoot a Heym in .270 (beautiful gun ) and it will need replacing in a few years, so I'll try a .243 in the meantime. I'll take your comments on board. I would choose a Sako too, but there's quite a difference on price. J.

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