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Thread: Whos best to join?

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    Whos best to join?

    hi guys looking for a wee pointer in the correct direction here. i know of basc but what other organisations is there out there and are they any good or is basc the best and only option to join?

    any information appreciated david
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    I have a glass of red wine and a fine Cuban cigar I shall sit back and enjoy this thread :-)
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    What do you want it for. Insurance SGA or SACS half the price. BASC north of the border, who????

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    yeah will be insurance but as a novice information aswell,and some trainning course, mibi to much to ask of from one place so i am prepared to join a few to really get going.

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    Who is it that actually pulls the strings in the SGA, is it actually gamekeepers and does it stand up for the rights of gamekeepers. I've heard various reports from some keepers being squeezed out due to their age and they seem to have no recourse !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by neil_r View Post
    I have a glass of red wine and a fine Cuban cigar I shall sit back and enjoy this thread :-)
    nice one so will I but the single malt will have to come out

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    I took the line of one lobbying body and one scientific/research body, so for me it is BASC and The Game Conservancy Trust.

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    personally i cant recommend SACs high enough, i was with BASC for years and they alway seemed
    to busy to talk to the likes of me , never returning phone calls etc ,
    so i joined SACs , anytime i call i get Ian or if hes busy he calls you back asap, he helped me get my 243 when the police were playing silly buggers ,and gave me advice last month when my shotgun was up for renewal, to my mind its the best move ive ever made

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    turn on your computer, start Google, in the check box type Shooting insurance, ignore the one marked BASC, go for one of the others.

    I have guns because i love shooting, what i hate is red tape and been screwed by a Dishonest Government.

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