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Thread: 45 calibre for Boar

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    45 calibre for Boar

    is there anyone out there that hunts Boar in the the uk with a 45-70 or 450 marlin as I'm thinking of getting one


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    I know of people who use the 45-70 and I have thought hard about buying a marlin 1895 but........ I was told from a very experienced man (who has shot more boar than most other people have talked about shooting) that the very best cartridges to use were the 30-06 - 30r - 300wm - 8x57jrs - 9.3x62 - 9.3x74r rifle categories with quality controled expansion heads at high to high reasonable velocities. My favorite has been the 9.3mm family - but it first and foremost comes down to how well you can shoot the rifle to start with.

    I'm sure the above will sound like the lead up to the sales pitch but if you want a quality express rifle for a reasonable price - I would be happy to fix you up. Hopefully I should have some video's posted over the next few week of me using the new rifles on Croatian Boars. Maybe some tests using different cartridges might be a good idea also.


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    thanks nitro
    I have a 300wm which I'm going to use on my first boar trip, I'm just looking for an excuse to buy a new toy


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    I have shot North American bison with a 45-70. I wouldn't hesitate to use it on the largest boar.~Muir

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    Have hunted driven boar with nothing else. Wonderful bit of kit. Really rolls em over and is very fast cycling.

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    All the sizes mentioned will do, I have used Marlin 444, 45-70, 30-06 (220gr),9.3X74. All work well. If you are doing driven boar think of reloading your rifle.
    My favourites are the underlever Browning (30.06) and the Marlin as I can load them whilst still looking through the scope.
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    458 worked very well on boar in U.K. as did the 30-06.
    You need good weight bullet with good expansion,not neccessarily a fast whizz bang round, but more importantly know how to shoot it.
    I`m looking at a 450 Marlin at the moment, like the sound of it,but do I realy need one?

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    Big bullets are the name of the game for driven wildboar shooting , Big bullets = a dead pig very quickly any of the medium bore rifles of .36 -.45" work very well no need for high velocity pea shooters or anything larger than .45 any thing in the 1800- 2600 fps range will work very well and kill every time if you can shoot well and hit your mark at moving targets?. I use a .444 marlin U/l with 265gr interlocks doing around 2300fps no over kill just dead!

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    Hello Ian
    Blaser has a .45 bild special for drivenbore shooting.
    Its have a good hammering down effect, only for longe distance is it use less.
    Blaser is great, a kwick reload action and very save.

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    Blaser has a .45 bild special for drivenbore shooting

    That's a world of hassle for sourcing ammo or even reloading!

    If you want big knock down use a 9.3x62, 9.3x74r or .375H&H ~ they are easier to come by and you can get dies, brass & heads no problem

    Been on the Team Blaser for a long - long time now and they are very good - but they are so expensive now and for boar hunting you dont need to shoot the feas of its arse! A great handling rifle with a quick second shot is the way to go - the 3rd and 4th shots are usually wasted lead if your on a driven hunt in a woodland enviroment.

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