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Thread: For what reason other then to attract deer would you put aniseed in shoot feeders

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    For what reason other then to attract deer would you put aniseed in shoot feeders

    Hi just got some new land recently but have to share with a shoot from the 1 11 2011
    went up to check stealth cam on Saturday and found that the shoot has started feeding but there no birds on close inspection i found that they have got aniseed in the feed .no pictures on the cam and batteries had been tampered with am i right in thinking aniseed is to bring in roe deer ETC
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    Aniseed for Pheasants

    I gather that aniseed attracts all sorts of wildlife.

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    Pheasants love it .... supposedly. We've just started putting it in our feed to try and stop them wandering too much. Difficult given the very mild weather recently and the massive amount of natural food about at the mo. Roll on a cold snap!

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    thanks i was not to sure if it was for Pheasants as well may be i was jumping into quick to point the finger
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    lots of shoots use aniseed mixed with feed,theory is it keeps the birds coming back better than just wheat on its own.

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    + one with wild pig, we are using it more and more to hold pheasant on our shoot.
    I also use it to add to the salt licks for the deer keeps them happy and we have less damage to the feeders.

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    a lot of keepers mix aniseed into pheasant feed its supposed to attract and hold pheasants in particular areas of the shoot i have tried it and to be fair it wasnt much good i find it better to hand feed.deer tend to knock over the feeders and stretch the springs i personally wouldnt start making assumptions that the pheasant shoot are out to attract troublesome deer into their coverts imho. if it were me i would do my best to get along with the pheasant shoots keeper and all pull together and help each other out with keeping an eye on things ect

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    hi im a delivery driver for probably the biggest game feed producer in the country aniseed is used or as we call it spice in poult release pellets and also when the weather is fine to stop birds wandering like now with acorns and beech mast about you also get it in holding mix a mix of cracked maize sunflower seeds rape seeds wheat when the pheasants have the taste for the spiced feed they dont go looking hope this helps

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    hi 243 change your springs for trays chap much easier they dont block and deer can lap the feed out of em works well for everything including pesky black and whites

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    im slowly moving over to letterbox feeders thanks for the advice. the springs are a pain cheers

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