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Thread: Gilsan Sports Richmond North Yorkshire

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    Gilsan Sports Richmond North Yorkshire

    I popped in to Gilsan sports the other day to get some stock oil and some blue to touch up the barrel where it has been in contact with an over the barrel moderator. Simon the owner said pop the gun in and I will do it for you for nothing. Granted I have bought a few guns (6) from them over the years but to be fair I was delighted with the service.

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    Must have changed his ways, everybody I know calls it Greedy Gilsan.

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    I'm always had good service and fair prices from the Richmond branch. Leyburn staffed by miserable buggers, I drive past and go to Richmond, unless it's just some ammo I want.

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    to be fair , their okay , but dont expect any favours

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    Have only dealt with them over the phone once and the folks at Richmond were helpful. may not have been the cheapest I suppose but the used Parker-Hale 1200C in 25-06 I got from them was as described and delivered to a local-ish, nearer than Richmond , RFD promptly and well packed against the postal apes.

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    Bought a few things off them. Not the cheapest, but always been polite and helpful

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