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Thread: Deerhunter Clothing

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    Deerhunter Clothing

    I have Advantage Timber Montana Jkt and Trouser set, bought 3 years ago, it has the removable waterproof/windproof liner. Over time, the liners have worn, seems split and the taping come away. Does anyone know where I can buy another set of liners? All the clothing I have seen lately, has it stitched in.

    Thanks in advance.

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    same thing happend to me, been looking for same thing for some time to no avail, I have since bought a deerhunter ram jacket and think it's the mutts nuts, however if you find the liner for both jacket and trousers please let me know coz i'll have a set too.



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    hi mate
    i have a montana jckt i only wore it with liner in it half dozen times just wear jacket only now bought it 3 years ago and after 3 months main zip broke wouldnt buy another if they were dipped in diamonds the liner is in my shed hung on a coet hanger you are welcome to it if it will fit your jacket havent any trousers i think jkt is either XL or XXL let me know if want it HANG ON A MO yes just checked it and is mint condition and a small label in collar of jacket 52 on it hope this is of some help to you best regards dave

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    seem this is a common problem.

    I tried to get a new jacket liner to no awail. The camo is pretty good for our hill; so I put on an onl Buffalo shirt underneath the jacket and did away with the liner and zip in fleece. This work better than the original system. The trousers have remained reasonably dry.

    Both get a regular water proofing wash.

    Am waiting delivery of a Ridgeline Roar from Frank Thomson in Crieff.

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