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Thread: Hid lamp advice

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    Hid lamp advice

    I have been tasked with researching HID lamps at work. I work as a Firefighter and we are looking into weather or not HID lamps would be good for our needs. As you will realise we need powerful and lightweight lamps for searching. I am looking for recomendations for decent lamp, they must be powerful, hand Held ,rubust-not the sort of lamp to be dropped and will crack easily, such as my Lightforce, maybe some of you know of Metal bodied lamps? The lamp must be UK sourced and also be CE marked. Cost at this stage is not an issue but quality is.

    Also looking for vehicle mounted lamps of the same.

    Many thanks


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    Quote Originally Posted by neil_r View Post
    That is a LED not HID

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    Suggest LED is a bettter option than HID anyway.

    Pete, were they specific on HID or what it just a requirement for next gen on halogen/xenon?

    I'd also recommend Clulite, but you may be better off with the Clu-briter - (CLUB-1) Clu-Briter - Clulite | Cluson Engineering Ltd. - which is pretty robust and more what I suspect you need. One thing I would look out for is the sort of beam you want - you may want an adjustable beam? This thing has a nice tight pattern - I love it for lamping on my own (you can get filters for it BTW, not relevant to this obviously, but worth noting) - but your requirements for S&R may be different. Metal bodied LED torches are two a penny, but (a) may be a little physically small (fine on light power, but maybe a bit fiddly?) and (b) few are made in this country.

    For vehicle mount - check out the new Clulite Interceptor - (INT-1) The Interceptor Gun Lite - Clulite | Cluson Engineering Ltd. - but I suspect this is not man enough if you want a big vehicle mounted thing - but you never know......

    Feel free to drop me a PM for more details - I have one of the former lamps - and may yet get one of the others for a looksee.


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    Ok I am learning, looks like LED the way to go and thanks for PMs and replies so far.


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    For all your lighting needs and good service too

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    Look good - and they're local for you Pete - the 'Trigger' looks very (as in really) close to the clu-briter. The battery pack LED 750 looks good too. Be interested to see some prices, but didn't see anything obvious.
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    check this site it should be of some help

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    Many thanks guys , we certainly have alot of very useful links here and pretty sure we will find something. The hard part now is to trail them all as so many to choose from.

    Many thanks


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