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Thread: inice morning with the .22

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    inice morning with the .22

    went out on a little patch of ground i have this morning and just decided to take the .22 to see what was about as i just havnt had the tme to get down there latly, i managed to bag a fox as he was mousing at about 20yrds away and it really got the heart pumping trying to get the rifle up without it seeing me as i was only stood up against the hedge with no real cover, i then went on to take 3 collar doves off of the barns which the farmer keeps on grumbling about to me and i must admit it made a really nice change to lamping or stalking as it took me back to how i started shooting when i was younger just skulking around with the air rifle

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    before anyone comments yes i know nice starts with a N not a I

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    I thought you were just being trendy

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    Quote Originally Posted by baconbuttie View Post
    I thought you were just being trendy
    nice i like it........oh sorry inice i like it

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    Sounds like a good day ......sometimes it's good to go just wandering with the rifle and see what presents itself

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