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Thread: How do I add a signiture to my posts?

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    How do I add a signiture to my posts?


    I've been trying to add a signiture to my posts that will always be there when I post. Can this be done? If so how can I add one?

    Thanks Martin

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    It should be:

    * "Settings" (top right of the screen)
    * "My Settings" 3rd bubble down the left side
    * "Edit Signature"

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    Hi Martin,

    You can't use signatures until you've got 30 posts and been a member for 30 days. It's to reduce spam from new accounts - they tend to stick their links, web sites and things in their sigs.

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    Thanks Alex, that makes sence. I'll try again when I have 30 posts... However, I tend to be a reader more than a poster.

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