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Thread: Make sure you batteries are charged

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    Make sure you batteries are charged

    I was out shooting today and got a nice Fallow pricket after a very long stalk in dense woodland.

    For my own records I like to take a photograph of any deer I shoot, when I went to take the photograph the batteries were flat

    I must put "Make sure camera batteries are charged" on my list that I check before I go out stalking.

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    It's great to take photos of the deer you shoot, just checked and I have 145 on my computer these all came of one estate and it is interesting to see the changes over the last seven years.

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    Carry a spare set. My Landrover has them everywhere. Congratulations on the pricket.

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    Both my digital cameras are capable of taking standard AA batteries, just for situations like this. One is a Fuji that I use for general photography. The second is a Cannon which I have in a dive case, for diving pics. Now if anyone can let me know how to change batteries 30 meters down I'd be very interested.

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