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    Old shotguns

    I know this is a rifle forum but was just wondering if anyone has heard of a couple of guns my father in law has just been given. First one is a under and over " barasingha" and the other is a side by side " S. Troughton" supposed to have been made in Blackpool. Any info appreciated As I've never heard of them cheers

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    I think the Barasingha was made under license for Browning?
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    It is a bit of "urban myth" every provincial town in England had one, maybe two, even three gunmakers in it until around WWII. Certainly every town had one, maybe two, even three gun SELLERS...but gun MAKERS? No!

    The "Troughton" you mention would have been one of many who bought in ready made guns from the big Birmingham makers, or from "the trade", and had them engraved with their own name.

    Now these people never ever, at the time, would have passed themselves off as gunmakers. Not at all. As gunsmiths, yes, and running from good, to bad, to not really actually even gunsmiths at all just sellers of guns, but as actual makers of guns? No.

    In London and Edinburgh and Birmingham then gunmakers yes. Elsewhere? In England's provincial towns? No, not really, with a few notable exceptions. Just those that bought in guns and sold them, quite legitimately, with their own names engraved on them.

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