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Thread: stainless over blued?

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    stainless over blued?

    i was having a think about if i should go for a stainless barrel on my new rifle and obviuosly i know about stainless being better against the weather but i have a few more questions which i hope someone could help me with
    do you shoot a stainless barrell in the same as blued
    do you clean them the same
    does a stainless barrell wear out quicker
    and does the crown on a stainless still get eaten alive if the moderator gets left on

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    I think stainless is the way to go, barrel wear is partially mechanical but mainly surface corrosion due to hot gasses. Stainless
    is better with hot gasses. Main reason why I would buy a stainless barrel is because I think one does not have to clean the
    barrel as often. Less cleaning means less need to run off and put a few fouling shots through. The crown does seem to pit slightly
    less too.

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    Have been told by someone (fat bloke down pub most likely) that stainless wears out more quickly - dont know how true it is - just throwing it in for debate

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    Stainless any time. Good thing about a stainless barrel or action if it gets all marked.
    you can have it bead blasted and it looks like new again.

    It also takes the shine off it. Which is handy in the field and you dont want to stick out like a sore thumb
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    That stainless steel is RUSTPROOF is, as I am certain most know, not true. All steel will rust including stainless under the right (or rather "wrong") conditions.

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    I don't know anything technical about steel, but I do know, if you look after a blued barrel & action, you'll keep the rust at bay for a very very long time.
    Just needs oil & cleaning.
    The biggest problem is getting blood on the metal & not cleaning it off quickly enough...
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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    That stainless steel is RUSTPROOF is, as I am certain most know, not true. All steel will rust including stainless under the right (or rather "wrong") conditions.
    Rust is iron oxide.
    Stainless is less affected by corrosion. Martensitic type (can be hardened) stainless is the more corrosion affected, oily rag will do.
    A Gunmaker, not gunsmith, that I know likes stainless for a multitude of reasons...

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    I was once told by a well known custom rifle maker that stainless barrels are chambered slightly "looser" because the steel is slightly less forgiving in the event of an accidentally over cooked handload. (I leave you to debunk this in another thread) The discussion was about accuracy, and the inference was that SS barrels would therefore, arguably, lack the inherent accuracy potential. Just thought I would throw that in to make your choice harder

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    I have know doubt we are all aware of the affect that neglect causes. I used a Tikka Master ( blued for many years)

    thn changed to Stainless Sythetic ,as it dose not require the same TLC and I like the fact that the Stock is the same.

    Granted they are not as pretty as wood (but a lot harder wearing).

    So anything that makes life easier is surely a PLUS!!

    To each thier own, best of luck in whichever you choose.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I like blued but I grew up during the early years of stainless when the machining finish was almost always sub standard. That is it better now does little to sway me. I clean my rifles, lightly oil the finish, and have had no problems. When gun shopping,I am almost completely oblivious to rifles sporting stainless steel works tucked into synthetic stocks. When salesmen offer to let me handle one I instinctively decline so it is certainly esthetics: I just don't like tinsel and plastic.~Muir

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