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Thread: rifle cleaning

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    rifle cleaning

    can any one please explane to me what the correct method of cleaning a rifle with a stainless barrel is and how often i would need to do it


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    Cleaning the inside of the barrel will I'm sure have been covered.
    If it's been tipping it down with rain I might consider taking the action out of the stock to clean the exterior.
    If there's been light rain I would wipe off the damp with a dry cloth,once the rifle is dry,wipe down the barrel & action with an oily rag, & if needed I'll give it a squirt of oil in the free floated area.
    To avoid a build up of dirt,be ready to run a piece of card,paper between the barrel & the stock to check clearance.
    Obviously,if you have taken the action from the stock,then be prepared to check zero before your next outing.

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    what about the inside of the barrel

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    The next bullet....

    The occaisional "pull through" with a boresnake is OK just to clear out any suspect "foreign bodies".

    As a hunting rifle you only need to worry if your "first" and then "second" shot move.

    Carbon deposits are cleared by mechanical means. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

    After 250 or 500 rounds (in a year on live targets) then I would consider the copper fouling. If you then deal with it then have a couple of boxes on the range afterwards to get the barrel shitty again.

    Functional tool really.

    Only target shooters are worried about 100% control of everything 100% of the time.

    I repeat, if you hit where you aim...... don't worry about it.


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    Wise words Stan, good advice I agree 100% and it is refreshing to hear someone say it. I have packed telling people that there is no need to keep cleaning the bloody thing, they treat me like some sort of heretic.

    I too run a bore snake through to clear any foreign bodies, then when it is no longer accurate, I clean it and then foul the barrel thoroughly.


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    Same gun has been cleaned "properly " 3 times in 3years.In between cleaning it gets a quick zap with a boresnake from time to time.It's a 6.5x55 so it may be that such a slow moving round doesn't foul the barrel?

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    I wouldn't buy a second hand rifle off you guys!
    I agree that more barrels are worn out by over cleaning than are shot out, but don't wind fly tyer up, he may take you seriously!

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    thanks for the advice, but with a blued barrel is there any need to oil to prevent rust

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    No wind-up....I suppose I forgot to mention that my gun has ss barrel but it holds zero and is more than capable of producing of sub-minute groups (more so than me!) plus has fired almost 2000 rounds to date. A bore snake is all it really gets.I am a bit ott when the rifle gets soaked though and seem to spend more time drying it than I spend on the hill with it! What's your routine?

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    Napier VP90 patch in the cabinet.

    If I've been wet then I'll pull through with a boresnake and lightly damp VP90 patch. Moderator always gets taken off, a squirt and then left in the cooling oven, after a shot.

    I don't consider this cleaning, just a light touch.

    No shot, no action.


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