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    pretty small fry but im in the market for a new watch. im after one that has glow in the dark hands if possible (saves turning lights on). obvoiuosly water proof and under 40 quid. been wearing my best watch stalking which is fine but now getting it covered in mud trapping moles so something new is needed
    will be intersted to know what you guys come up with

    regards pj

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    Try googling MWC.

    They are very good, they use tritium inserts for glow in the dark. Bit of a problem with under 40 quid though.


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    thanks fraser

    i have one very similar which was an 18th birthday present from my mum and dad. will have a closer look at the lower price ranged ones

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    You might struggle to find an MWC at the price you're after. If you're looking at those you could also try CWC (Cabot Watch Company - see who supply the watches to the armed forces. You can buy them from Silvermans ( although again they're above your price range.

    As well as the Timex Indigo, have a look at the Lorus Lumibrite range (

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    Have a look at this :
    I am sure the man also speaks English. E-mail on the homepage. This is a Seiko automatic watch. A quality piece for a reasonable price. A car salesman ones told me that it can be difficult to judge who is in front of you. Some man don't show that they have money. Two things never lie , a man's watch and shoes.
    I use the : , the next : , might also be O.K.
    Enter these in google, they might be available in the U.K. All are automatic selfwinding watches.

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    Not forty quid I know... ninety at the moment, actually.

    But you might like to look at the Precista PRS10, G10 (plus) military spec, 100m waterproof and I believe still available with Swiss Ronda 715li quartz movement. Now, since Tag Heuer also use this movement in some of their models you might realise what a decent price it's available at here>

    I've had mine for three and half years already, one of the original white date window models, and I thoroughly recommend it for outdoorsy use. I'm really sore on watches, e.g. my Casios used to last no more than a year before disintegrating, usually just when I needed them to work most too.
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    Seiko are a good watch but their customer service is crap in my experience. I have an original Seiko Quartz analogue watch from when they first came out. It cost me 85 in 1980 and at that time I was earning about 60 per week before stoppages. Working on the car I chipped the crystal glass so too k it in for a replacement. It took about 2 months as it had to go back to Japan to be fitted.

    About two years later I managed to chip the beveled crystal glass again this time it only took 6 weeks but again it had to go back to Japan and by now the repairs/replacement crystal had cost almost as much as the watch. Then in October 1983 I wa sinvolved in a nasty motorcycle accident and broke both wrists. The Seiko's stainless bracelet was actually holding my left wrist together and so it was damaged. Once again when I took it for repair it had to go back to Japan and Seiko quoted 65 just for the bracelet being off work I could not afford that so just had it cleaned and the crystal once again replaced the jewelry store fitted a after-market stainless bracelet for me but Seiko did not return the damaged bracelet with the repaired/service watch.

    In 1990 whilst in a bar in Southern Spain I caught the clasp of the bracelet on the bar top and it came undone the watch hit the marble floor face down fracturing the hard crystal glass so on my return to the UK I went to get it fixed once again. It's now in a drawer somewhere still broken as Seiko refused to repair or even service it. At the time I brought it they were touting them as a watch for life buy it once and never need to replace it. Well as I found out that is a down right lie.

    I will never buy another Seiko watch again. So buyer beware with Seiko. At the time I brought this Seiko for about 165 I could have brought a base model Rolex. I could have brought an Avia for the same or less than the Seiko. I now wear an Avia Marnier which is showing it's age as the case is pitting with constant wear and sweat over the years. The case back is stainless but the itself case is a plated alloy of some sort.

    The Timex expedition is a "Indiglo" glowing face watch but again it's a plated alloy case and once again the sweat eats it away. I brought one in 2002 .......................... mmmmm not sure where it is right now . Oh yes I brought the Avia used at a Bisley show off a stall which does time pieces about 6 years ago now.. It's had one new battery since then.

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    Have to confess that I can chew up watches like a demon. Anything that lasts 3 months on my wrist is a good solid watch.

    Outwith budget - but worth it - Argos do/did a Citizen Eco-drive - WR 100, good glowing hands and four years on still going strong. Think it was about 60.

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    I use an Accurist when stalking - seem reliable - the following search on fleabay throws up some good options for you - accurist | eBay
    I got one with a black face and strap, so no reflections for the money you are talking about, new this way....


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