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Thread: Busy Week- Fieldsports & school holidays

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    Busy Week- Fieldsports & school holidays

    Here’s a few pics of how me & my oldest boy (8) spent some quality time during his October holiday this week.

    I try to spend as much time as possibly encouraging his ever growing enthusiasm for field sports by taking it all slowly, having fun, watching him learn by his mistakes but more importantly respecting the countryside and his quarry.

    He eats what he catches and like most boys his age, loves the gutting, skinning & plucking of his catch…much to his mum’s delight….aye right!!!

    Can’t wait for his younger brother to come for a little ferreting, he loved his fishing today so foundations are laid!!

    Anyway, here’s a few pics I thought I'd share of our busy week


    He absolutely loves this .
    I leave his to set all the purse nets and do most of the ferret handling.
    One rabbit unfortunately threw the purse net but thankfully my back up longnet gave us one for the pot.
    Prepared it himself & had it for dinner the next night.

    Stalking –

    He was helping spot any potential Roe bucks & was getting used to the rangefinder….think it need new batteries now …

    Keeping quiet, watching the wind and “thinking like a deer” was the lesson of the evening


    He lended a hand to build my hide prior to my duck flighting the other night & helped prepare a beautiful teal I bagged off our pond for dinner ( clean plate once again )


    Last jaunt of the season with his little brother’s first outing!!

    Barbless hooks, pocket full of worms and a few wee brownies returned to fight another day.

    Both of them thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a pleasant hour or so by the river. We left on a high when his little brother (4) caught his first fish!!!

    Teeny fish but massive memories

    Thanks for reading


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    epic page, great pics of huge grins! Can't wait to get my son (nearly 3) involved, all his bed time stories revolve around stalking and he gets stuck in with 'helping' during butchering. No Disney syndrome here!

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    Thankyou for posting your write up. Absolutely tremendous. As has been said there are big grins all round. My daughter is the same age and I am doing the same as you. She loves coming foxing and has now shot 2 grey squirrels with her air rifle to date.

    Her latest ask from me is to obtain a few rabbits to skin, eat them and she then wants to make mittens out of the skins to take into school.

    All. Good stuff. I reckon there is something about ferreting particularly that sticks in a youngsters mind.

    As I say thanks for posting. Brilliant !

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    spot on, nice to see the young lads getting involved

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    Thanks for the positive replies.

    It's good to read others are/will be doing the same now and in the future.

    If nothing else its very educational for out future stalkers, fishers etc


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    Thats fantastic to see, good on you rigboot.

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    Fantastic to see rigboot!

    My son is 3.5yrs and is starting to show a real interest, I can't wait to take him out hunting for the first time!

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Fantastic pictures with a story behind everyone.
    My dad also started me fishing and shooting from a very young age, mum would often drop me off on her way to work for 7am,bring some lunch when she finished for 12, then pick me up around 8pm.
    Dad would take me which him around the field for a pheasant, very occasianlay i got to hold the empty single barrell vanguard hammer gun.
    That was when i was 8 im 25 now and still feel like i did those years ago still fishng,still shooting and consider my self lucky compared to some of my schoolmates to have such a firm schooling in the great outdoors.

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    Just great good to see the young ones comming through, they will be costing you a fortune before long well done.

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