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Thread: purple patch

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    purple patch

    I have enjoyed many lucky moments in my shooting life and I am in a purple patch at the moment. The royal stag last week was quite a result.
    The weekend I went to Scotland my stalking oppo at home had called to tell me he had heard a fallow grunting. Now bear in mind I have not seen a fallow with testicles since february I was pretty keen to get out.

    The weather settled and we had our first frost this morning. So 3 of us went out tonight. We split up and as I was heading into my "zone" I heard a buck grunting. I hummed and harred and then decided to try to get closer although I know the terrain was tough. It was down hill but with plenty of briar etc in the way.

    As I got closer 3 deer bolted but I couldnt see what they were. The big boy was still grunting. I realised he was in some conifers and i couldnt see into the darkness. I sat on the bank, extended my long bipod and started to belch!!!! (an Irishman had once told me burping could call fallow). I wasnt sure it would work but I didnt fancy approaching this guy under the trees.

    As I belched and belched the big guy was circling in the trees it also sounded like he was chasing other deer about periodically. My attention was entirely forward when i heard a crashing behind me. I spun my head round and there was a big buck charging towards me!! At about 30ft he swung away, wether he saw my face or scented me I will never know. As I stood he stopped but then moved again. I called once more and he stopped at about 60m. I could only see his neck and head but the neck was as wide as his waist so I took the shot. He went straight down. My heart rate was about 200 beats per minute and when I phoned my mate I was jabbering like a looney.

    Drag out was a bitch and I am grateful to my mates or I would have been stuffed. As it is my buck of a lifetime will be!!!!! :Cheers

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    may i ask for what reason did you shoot a Mature RUTTING Buck ?????????? Just interested as i have shot HUNDRED'S and Hundred's OF FALLOW so its NOT a Jelouse thing

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    because I wanted to.

    because we have almost no barren does each spring

    because we had identified that there were quite a lot in the area in the last week or so

    because I believe younger deer have the same genetics as their fathers but just have smaller antlers

    because I wanted to

    because it will be the only one I will take this year

    because it wasnt the deer holding the stand

    because I could

    because I dont subscribe AT ALL to the fact that good deer management involves only involves shooting younger animals that you cannot tell the pedigree of (I think its all snobbery and bollox) Good deer management involves a cross section of the population (Oh and I am a graduate Zoologist so please dont just discount my views out of hand on genetics) More really good bucks will have been shot before their antlers have grown than will ever have been shot with grown antlers.

    because I wanted to

    because bucks that arent rutting dont call

    because shooting one doesnt make anything like the dent in the population shooting hundreds and hundreds does

    because I'm tired of the poachers taking them if you try to save them (and last spring the police rekoned we had over 40 gangs operating)

    because I wanted to

    I think that covers it
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    Well done shootingduckdog, I think if half the people on here were honest They would have done the same. I have seen some really good Deer and left them. and then never seen again, Because the people that shoot on the estate's around shoot them or as you say poachers. Good write up good pictures good arnswer.

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    nice one he looks a cracker,thanks for posting that. i would like to add i only have a small 200 acre farm to look after and i have quite a few roe this year and i had at least 4 really good mature bucks and a few smaller ones as well now i never caught up with the smaller ones early on as i had a few troublesome foxes i was trying to nail so left all the bucks to try and get charlie .after getting those sorted my attention turned to the bucks now all these were regular as clockwork and the mature bucks each had small woods and and does in tow i decided to leave the big boys till the rut as i was confident were they where and times they headed back so started looking for the smaller ones knowing it was abit late and they have probably been chased off by now .at this point had poachers one night and from that point i have never seen another buck since and i have been on the ground alot at all times of the day and night the girls with kids are still like clockwork and predictable just not a single buck around.things might be coincidence and others might have shot these bucks as they left my ground who knows but i havnt taken a single buck off my ground this year i have had to go elswhere and i wont be making the same mistake next year . i only wanted a couple off the ground now the does are coming into season soon and i have two sets of triplets and two sets of twins so they will be getting thinned out unless they manage to don the klingon cloaking device like the bucks ,atb wayne

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    Now that's the sort of reply I like to see shootingduckdog. No p---ing about trying to say the things that you think everybody else expects to hear but telling it your way. Everybody has their own style, reasons and life.

    I totally agree about the number of young stags that could have been superb sires had they been allowed to live long enough to demonstrate their potential.
    Let's have some more posts that are as honest please.

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    Nothing much to say other than well done that man!


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    Nice buck, great story. Good come back.


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    well done and a buck of a life time. your reasons are well versed and well thought out and I am in total agreement.

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    Cracking right up and lovely animal well done mate !

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