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Thread: Optilock 30mm Mounts

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    Optilock 30mm Mounts

    Hello Everyone

    Basically to cut a long story short, i'm looking to invest in a new scope soon
    a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 to be Precise. The Duralyt is a 30mm scope, at the moment i have 1" black optilock highs with sako bases
    i need to have 30mm black optilock highs for this new scope. (Highs to leave enough room for my butler creek flip up caps on the objective lense)

    if anyone has a pair of 30mm black optilock highs they want to sell please, please pm me!

    Thanks Steve

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    You will want low mounts to mount a 50mm scope with Optilocks, even with Butler creeks fitted, Highs will be too high.



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    Thanks Tahr i'll bear that in mind

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    Just rang up The sportsman Newport, Gwent earlier on today 84 for the both, anybody do any better than that ? or know of better ?

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