View Poll Results: Why did you get into stalking?

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  • I love shooting and so tried stalking

    26 31.71%
  • I love to be out and about and stalking was interesting to me so I tried it and got hooked

    37 45.12%
  • I was asked to sort some deer out and as I was a shooter already it wasnt an issue

    5 6.10%
  • I had a passion for the welfare of the UK deer population and felt compelled to contribute

    1 1.22%
  • I had a passion to reduce road traffic accidents caused by deer

    1 1.22%
  • I am a sociopath and was desperate to shoot big stuff ( ;-) )

    8 9.76%
  • I thought I could make some cash from it

    1 1.22%
  • I had an epiphany

    3 3.66%
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Thread: Why did you start stalking deer?

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    Why did you start stalking deer?

    I am curious why people REALLY got into stalking. The first and primary reason. In the list there will be other reasons that are also true but what is the honest and real reason you started?
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    the nearest is #2

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    I had just got some pigeon shooting and, after taking about 30 birds to ask the landowner if he ate pigeons, or had friends who did, he told me I was doing a good job, brought out a farm map and told me where the deer were and asked me to cull some. Bear in mind this was the first day I had shot on this farm.

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    I went for the last one as its the only option that has the word phany in it
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    3 and 6 for me

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    I went with no 2, as the closest, althought I started stalking with my father 20 years ago and can think of no better way to spend my time (can't see how anyone could possibly make any proper money out of stalking coz I've been trying for 15 years as a pro and still struggle to make ends meet.

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    No. 3 is the closest to my situation. The landowner who's shoot I was beating on wanted the deer reduced and the keeper wasn't keen to do it. The keeper would come out with me, but preferred me to do the job.

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    I just grew into it with my uncle taking me out. Its all part of being in a country family that hunts, shoots and fishes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    I went for the last one as its the only option that has the word phany in it

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