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Thread: go / no go gauges

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    go / no go gauges

    has anyone got any .30-06 go and no go guages that i might borrow?



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    i dont think i have ( as i dont shoot that calibre) - but what are they?

    found this but not really that useful.

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    Go and no-go gauges are used by a gunsmith or armourer to check for correct headspace on a rifle. Just as the names imply the go gauge will chamber and allow the bolt/action to close and the no-go will chamber but will be overlength and should not allow the action to be closed.
    Simple and easy to use they resemble snap caps.

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    Swampy I have go and no go gauges for the 06, but you only need them for a chambering job. After that the field gauge is used to test for safety.


    Mine were a ebay bargain - hence i got them for interest.

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    go nogo

    Hi cjm,
    i need them for a chambering job. i will publish the full results in a little while, dependant on how well it goes!

    I would like to borrow them if i could pleas.


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    Send me a PM and I am sure we can arrange something

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