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Thread: High shoulder shot

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    High shoulder shot

    Would the esteemed members of the forum be kind enough to share their views and experiences with the High Shoulder Shot compared to a standard Heart/Lung shot.

    many thanks,


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    You may not kill your beast outright but they don't/cannot run which is sometimes desirable.



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    How high? In my experience if you dont smash both shoulder blades then it means the animal can run some distance as the damage is only high to its lungs. (they also dont leave a blood trail as they bleed down into the body cavity not out onto the floor)
    On the other hand you can go so high as to make it a low neck/spine shot in which case they go nowhere (I dont advocate this and i dont think it is what you mean?)

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    I'm just asking about the popular US High Shoulder Shot, that is between the spine and the top of the lungs, ie through the scapula...

    Never tried it, but curious as to the effectiveness of this shot, as it seems very popular in a very large country and population of hunters/shooters.

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    They usually drop on the spot but you will have little usable meet from the shoulders.

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    Deer can move surprisingly well with both shoulder broken. A friend in US shot this one:-

    Through both shoulders using a 180 grn Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet from a .300 Win mag at a range of about 70 yards. The buck then travelled about 30 yards into cover where we found him quite expired. Strange antler form:-

    Anyway that Buck managed to run .

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    am I right in thinking spitzer type bullets are best for this shot, to avoid a massive exit wound damaging the saddle and to ensure you penetrate the scapula, using the bone fragments as a means of creating heamorage?

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    I think this is referred to as pinning, I think there was a discussion on here regarding this some time ago.
    Not a method I have ever purposely used nor do I agree with it. I prefer the boiler room shot.Though from a point of view of shooting in woodland or close to thick cover then I can see a couple of points for discussion. Ease of finding the beast, it won't go too far with no fore-leg support and ease of extraction, if if does make cover then it won't get far.
    I said "purposely used" because I did once make a less than accurate shot but fortunately a bullet fragment hit the spine and there was a small puncture to the very top of the heart, it dropped on the spot and expired quite quickly. The exit was messy and had not damaged the far shoulder, so if not for the other damage to the spine and heart the story may have been very different.
    Just my point of view.



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    If a sika is aware of your presence, it's dusk, it is heading for some young Sitka Spruce and over 50 yards off then that is the shot. IMHO. (below 50yds I'd neck them)

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    I try to neck every thing if I can.

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