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Thread: Liver Fluke in different species

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    Liver Fluke in different species

    Liver fluke has been on the increase in livestock in recent years, with not only more reports of disease, but fluke being found in areas of the country, such as the east, where it has been rare. I would be interested to know if this is the case in deer as well (I assume so). More specifically, are people seeing any difference in fluke between red/roe/fallow?


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    My girlfriend is a Vet and did a paper on this 2 years ago and was shocked with what she found. I helped get all the samples for her. When she gets home tonight I'll get her to look it up and I'll post it. This was in fallow deer in Hatfield Forest.


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    Liver fluke in general is an interesting disease - the weather in a particular year can have a major impact. We are seeing it in the Dales when 10 years ago we didn't worry about it. For fluke to be active we need humidity and temperatures about about 10C

    It's not been a major issue so far this year (proper cold wet winter will have killed a lot of mud snails) but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a fair bit of disease this autumn with the warm moist summer. It's been a funny summer as 15 miles east they had 1/4 the rain we had and drought conditions this summer. Where we are people struggled to find a week without rain to make hay!

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    Found liver flute in both roe bucks and stags this year as it is common in Scotland with our wet ground.

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    Have seen fluke in Reds but fallow in the same area seem to be okay for some reason, also noted that fallow seem less susceptable to lung worm than reds too, strange, watched them for a few years and its amazing how strong a fallow actually is.

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