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Thread: one good turn deserves another !!

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    one good turn deserves another !!

    At last this saying comes true ,just as well as not what you know who you know .
    I had quite a bit to do with the hunt coming to the shoot earlier in aug and the new huntsman and masters were very happy as i had left em a fox or two infact it was the huntsmans first fox in his new position .i was thanked for the opportunity and i happened to take them into our shootroom for a cuppa voila it has a few heads i have shot on the walls which stirred some interest .so i took this time with the guys to ask should they have any farmers needing anyone to control deer could they put my name forward .
    Well true to their word i got a call and today secured a nice little 500 acre patch with a large wood and two smaller ones ,the current stalker has moved to devon but left his seats and said i can use em till he gets time to fetch them yeha ! i had a poke around the big wood and found sign of munty and roe ,on the way out i phoned my stalking buddy and while sat in the truck talking spied a mature roe doe a yearling buck and two doe fawns happy days ,so keep plugging away folks it may take a while and several prayers but sometimes god and lady luck might give you a break

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    Norma obviously he caught the fox accidentally while following the trail they laid earlier in the day and he did his best to stop the hounds but accidents will happen But I am glad to hear you got some stalking from this accident.

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    excellent result, make the most of the seats while you can

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    Thats a bloody good result, I wish I could have that sort of luck!

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    nice one norma, couldent happen to a nicer guy

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    thanks lads ,been and had a look this am no shot but saw two muntys had a look at some of the other ground too and that looks nice dont think its teeming with deer but not far from home and you never know what may come of it ! slowly slowly

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    That's the way to do it! Well done.

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    guess my good luck ran out today ,tipped over what i thought was a blocked feeder only it was full of very angry wasps ooch you bast*rd .....4 times

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    I'd take the wasp stings for some ground!

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