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Thread: Well its over again

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    Well its over again

    Well thats another stag season over, would be interested in how other pro's found it, did you make your numbers.

    We were down in numbers a bit due to some days being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
    Worst weather I can ever remember in a Stag season, heavy rain and mist and the last few days ankle deep snow, only two completely dry days on the hill this season, there were a few dry days mid season but sod's law that was at the time we were layed off.

    However in spite of the weather we had very few blank days, and had stags hanging in the larder most evenings.

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    well bloody good for you...we struggled in the early part of the season,majourly,the constant south to south westerly wind kept the stags well away,and when we did get a bloody northerly wind it had west in it too,and it would not stay long then off back to westerly,,we have our number though so no too bothered.

    on to the smelly fannies now lol,cheers.

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    Up here we struggled early on but cought up when the rut started / stopped / started / stopped / and started again, never had such a stuttery rut, weather was making life difficult with light sw winds keeping everything warm and wet. Got my numbers just but fairly happy with the season.

    having a couple of weeks of the hill till I start chasing the women.

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    A mixed season I suppose.

    The rut started when it shouldve and we had plenty of Stags.

    Unfortunately the rain was relentless and we lost more days and had more misses than in any other year, these factors combined we ended up a half dozen short.

    On a brighter note the average weights are up and probably the age too, the Hinds also look in good strip heading into winter.

    Back to feeding silage to the Stags again next week!! This year has flown in!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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