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Thread: neewbie saying hi

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    neewbie saying hi

    Hello to all

    Not a deer stalker yet!! but would like to get there eventually
    At the minute have .22 Sako Finnfire, HMR Savage and .223 Sako 85 and mainly use them for pest control shooting and occasional target shooting.
    To be honest i like all forms of country pursuits and jeez this FAC hobby is addictive


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    Welcome Craig, addictive & expensive :-)

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    Thanks 223, cougar

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    welcome to the site mate. A good place to start

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    Hi Rickfitz

    Very true, all my guns are sorted, optics, moderators, calibres.

    But i dont really need ......., hang on, i do think i need it , variation , cheque book , all happy.( buy the wife some flowers as compo)
    Until the next time

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    adictive, expernsive, selfish but gweat fun..........

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