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Thread: Red Fox & Brown Hare wanted.

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    Red Fox & Brown Hare wanted.

    I know a lot of you guys do a fair bit of vermin control and I was wondering if any of you would consider keeping back some top quality Red Fox and the odd Brown hare as I need a few for mounting. Will pay postage and good price for the right animal. Hare needs to be lightly shot with a shotgun or snared. Fox shoulder ( or cage trapped) shot with small calibre with tiny entry and exit holes. ATB Bill.

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    Do you want the foxes for head or complete mounts?


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    Fox/Hares wanted.

    [QUOTE=1st Pattern Paul;272913]Do you want the foxes for head or complete mounts?

    Hi, Paul - I need 2 - 3 whole body Fox for complete mounts. Probably best cage trapped for these. Otherwise, shot behind the shoulder for shoulder mounts ones. Whole Hares, if possible, but rifle shot (small calibre) behind the shoulder for shoulder mounts. Thanks, Bill.

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    i wish this post came on a couple of weeks ago

    i had a fox with one of the best looking masks

    i have seen, lovely looking red coat to.

    pm sent.

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