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Thread: Gun cabinet

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    Gun cabinet

    Gun cabinet
    Hello, I would like to apply for FAC and to do so I have to have gun storage place which police will check. What are the police requirements regarding to such cabinet and how much it might cost?

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    the cabinet needs to be fixed to a structural wall or floor you can get a secondhand cabinet off fleabay around 50pounds depends really on how many guns you are applying for i made mine so it just cost me for the locks ,atb wayne

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    Buy a big one! This is sort of addictive. There's a lot of 3 gun cabinets go cheap as people upgrade to something bigger. If I was doing it again I'd buy the biggest one I could fit! The extra money for a 5 or 8 gun over a 3 gun is minimal.

    Get any shooting mag and there's a dozen ads selling them. Google 'gun cabinet'. If you are putting in for a FAC you need either a separate internal locker or a second safe for ammo (cheap digital ones seem to satisfy the police).

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    DJs cabinets are good, thinner walls then the Batton type, so ot to damage ya prized tools when getting 'em out. As said get the boggest ya can affors to avoid cramping up.

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    +1 get a 5 or even better an 8 gun cabinet, the 3's are to small defo!

    On top of which you'll fill a 3 in the blink of an eye

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    You will need an extra deep one for scoped rifles and a locking top for ammunition, the 6-7 gun size is really useful but costs around 280, however if you shop around you will get a new one for less or if you are really lucky secondhand even cheaper. If you are on a smaller budget start off with a secondhand 3 gun shotgun cabinet and put your rifle in sideways, cost 20 - 50 (you will need a separate compartment/safe for your bolt & ammo) but as others have said you will soon out grow it. Fix to solid masonry inside your house e.g. floor & supporting wall, in an accessable location and out of sight of visitors e.g. under stairs cupboard

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    But what if my house have got wooden walls can I fit cabinet in it?

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    Yes, if you get a copy of the home office guidlines to police on firearms (download from BASC site and elsewhere) they give greater details of security requirements and the thinking behind it. With wooden floors you are supposed to bolt into main load bearing timbers, the test as I recall it is that it should withstand an attack with a hammer and chisel or jemmy for a minimum of five minutes

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    There is a tick box on the fac application form which asks if the guns are to be stored in a British Standard gun cabinet. I think it helps if you can tick yes here. The Brattonsound type ones are certified to BS75558/92 and others may may be too. I don't work for Brattonsound by the way , just trying to help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roch View Post
    But what if my house have got wooden walls can I fit cabinet in it?
    Roch you not living in a shed are you!!

    All kid'n aside should'nt be a problem as long as fixed to Main timbers.

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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