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Thread: Poachers been about

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    Poachers been about

    After finnishing up the stag season i'm now out every night since I bumped into this fellow standing in a loch dipping his head in up to the eyes to cool off his face. This was a big rifle as it has taken his whole bottom jaw off.

    I can't belive that someone took a shot at him and left him to starve to death. I can only think that poachers are responsable as It was in the middle of my ground and would have had to walk at least 5 miles over the hill to have come from the nearest estate. I am the only stalker on this estate and I would NEVER leave a stag to starve to death.

    I have spoke to the local plod there is nothing he could do unless I can catch them in the act and get the cops there quick (not likley since the nearest plod is 40 miles away and is never there when he is on duty).

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    If I can do nothing else I will at least show that i'm about a 3 AM and hopefully make life difficult for them, but as long as the venison price stays high I can only assume that it will continue if not on my patch then someone elses.

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    B*stards. Wouldnt it be sad if the poacher had a premature detonation and their bolt does the same to them. Poetic Licence !

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    Poor *******.

    Makes me feel sick thinking the pain and suffering that thing has had.

    Unfortunately it goes on and you arent going to stop it.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    So plod is 40 miles away The mind boggles ! The scankin' Bstds want stringin', can ya use a cam ?

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    Kind regards


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    beginning to calm down and think about it, had a long chat with the local plod at 2.30 this morning, showed him the photo, he was a disgusted as i am and said he would do what he could but did point out his restrictions (time and lack of a widlife crime budget!!!). We had a poaching incedent in the area 8 months ago which used up the whole budget for the year, makes you wonder what else is being swept under the carpet "coz the budget has been used"

    I have a cam but it's being done off the main road so where to put it, If I put it out and catch every number plate passing then I will probebaly end up in jail (invasion of privacy).

    sooner or later I will get them I have a good idea who it is but proving it is another problem, however "there is more than one way to skin a cat"

    thanks for the moral support


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    Utterly disgusting people, we had a run of deer being shot at night on the farm I'm on but couldn't catch up with them. That poor animal, what pain it must have been in. At least you caught up with it.

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    They come with dogs and .22 rim on my ground lost at least 8 last season. Already this year local resident got woke by deer screaming and lamps as they were killing one. Nothing gets done to combat it. It an hours run for me to get to my ground so it's difficult. There was a camera put up but it was also taken.

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    It's so frustrating when your limited to what can actually be done to prevent poaching.

    One of our areas borders an edge of town and a golf course and has easy access for the dog gangs as it's just too big to keep an eye on.

    We found 2 roe doe carcasses (on different occasions and well out of season) which had obviously been ran by lurchers due to the state of them but the f***wits only took the haunches and threw the rest of the carcass under bushes.

    It makes my blood boil at the thought of the distress this will cause the deer.

    The Wildlife Crime officer was contacted and the matter discussed but again it boils down to time, resources, priorities and costing when it comes to combat these matters. It really is an uphill battle

    The joys of stalking on an urban fringe...

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    I never realised it was so much of a problem up there.... but thinking about it, why wouldn't it be?
    miles from the nearest police station and nothing they can do even if they catch them without proper evidence. I'm suprised you guys can sell any stalking, it sounds like a free-for-all.

    Andy, nice work putting that fella out of his misery.... what a terrible way to die if you hadn't found him
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