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Thread: Grouse Recipes.

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    Grouse Recipes.

    I bought a brace of oven-ready grouse yesterday, as I've never tried it before, any suggested recipes would be appreciated.

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    Grilled grouse

    Very young grouse
    Melted butter
    Maitre d’hotel butter
    Salt and black pepper
    Grilled mushrooms
    Straw potatoes

    Cut the birds in half and wipe the inside with a damp cloth.
    Season the birds with salt and pepper and brush well with melted butter.
    Place the birds in a buttered grill pan and grill under a very hot grill for about 8 minutes each side, brushing with more butter when necessary.
    The birds should not be over-cooked.
    Serve with maitre d’hotel butter on top of each half.

    Roast grouse
    1 oz. butter per bird
    A squeeze of lemon juice
    Salt and pepper
    1 rasher fat bacon per bird

    Draw and clean the bird.
    Knead the salt, pepper and lemon juice into the butter and out inside the bird.
    Tie the bacon round the bird and roast in a hot oven for 25 minutes.
    Serve with fried breadcrumbs, watercress, slices of lemon and cranberry sauce.
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    Thanks, mate, we went with the roast option, Mrs Moonraker but a slice of crusty bread beneath each of them, but otherwise followed your recipe. Delicious - especially with a nice glass of red to wash it all down!

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    It may be heresy, but whilst I love grouse lightly roasted or grilled, my favourite way is to "braise" them.
    The method I use is as follows:
    1. Place on a rack in a roasting tray.
    2. Brush with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and lightly sprinkle with rosemary.
    3. Put in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees until golden brown, turning once (this will take 20-30 minutes).
    4. Pour any juices out of the bird(s) into the tray and add about 500ml of decent red wine, a pinch of juniper berries and a dash of mace.
    5. Cover with kitchen foil.
    6. Reduce the heat to 160 degrees and cook for a further 45-60 minutes.
    7. Remove the bird(s) from the roasting tin and wrap in the tinfoil to rest.
    8. Deglaze the roasting tin, adding a little stock if necessary, and enriching the sauce if desired with some elderberry or cranberry jelly, before reducing it to the desired consistency.
    9. Cut the bird(s) in half with a pair of poultry shears and pour the sauce over them.
    10. Serve with your favourite seasonal veg.

    You'd think the cooking times I've given here would ruin the bird(s), but the result is tender, succulent meat that falls off the bone, and a slightly-spicy, slightly-herby, gently sweet-and-sour sauce that complements but doesn't mask the special flavour of the wild meat. Or at least, that's what I think!

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