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    Second Hand stuff

    I will be looking at a few things this week in my local gunshop with a view to starting to reload for myself.
    My fried who reloads will be coming with me to advise on what to buy and has kindly offered i only buy dies and a few bits as he would help reload on his press.
    My question is the stuff i've seen in the shop seems like new but i believe it to be second-hand, is there anything wrong with buying second hand stuff in terms of wear,warranty etc or as long as it looks in good condition will it be fine.
    Obviously with reloading safety wise i don't want to compromise quality for price.
    Thanks in advance.

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    It's actually very hard to wear out most hand loading equipment and in fact I have brought the following used:-

    Lyman 500 scales
    Lyman Spar-T turret press
    RCBS Rockchucker press
    RCBS Uniflow powder measure
    Redding Powder trickler
    Dies (RCBS 25-06, 270 win)
    Lyman 450 Lubsizer.

    None of which has caused me problems.

    So nope providing the condition is good there is nowt wrong with buying used.

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    Most of my reloading stuff is second hand. I am no expert, but I did ask for advice before going down the secondhand route. The advice I was given is that most decent quality reloading kit can be used to load many thousands of rounds without any problems. Its only if the kit is abused that problems can arise. My stuff is all RCBS or Redding and it came from a bloke who'd had rifles for years and knew what he was doing. I've had no problems with it and would buy second hand again. Dies and other stuff regularly change hands on here with no problems.

    One exception I can flag up from my own experience is electronic scales. A Lyman set came with my job lot of reloading gear. They've always been a bit dodgy and I've replaced them. I wasn't bothered because I bought the gear as a job lot. However, I personally wouldn't pay big money for secondhand electronic scales.

    Hope this helps and I'm sure others will have further advice.


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    I have about 100 dies sets. Half of them were purhased used and I don't have any problems with them. My best scale, my best powder measures, and heaviest press were purchased used almost 30 years ago. I have bullet molds from before WWI. All work fine.~Muir

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