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    foxes' brush

    Hi all, I was just wondering do any of you know of a good method of removing a foxes' brush from the tail bone while out in the field. I normally cut of the tail in the and remove the bone at home clamping the tail in a vice then pull/cut the brush of the bone. I tried doing the same in the field but canít get enough purchase. I know you can buy tail strippers, but anybody know of any good cheaper methods?
    Cheers Will

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    Make a cut around the base of the tail, get two bits of stick and clamp the tail between the sticks and pull. Don,t remove the tail from the fox before you start, to preserve the tail put it in a jam jar of meths.

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    Taff has it spot on, two pieces of hazel about the thickness of a pencil, make sure you cut all the way round, stand on the back legs, put the two sticks on the skinned bit where you made the cut, squeeze the stick together and pull upwards. Should come off really easily. Occasionally you get a tough one.

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    using a dog lead works well. cut the skin at the base of the tail as described, then wrap the lead about the tail twice and pull.

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    I use a set of "monkey" grips. The adjustable spanners with a hole in the grip when closed. Cut round tail, close grips on it with tail in the hole and then put fingers of other hand on the "nose" side of the grips too and pull sharply. Found it much easier than the sticks or baler twine methods. (think sticks probably works very well if you know/get the knack

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    The two sticks method for me, I use my shooting sticks.


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    I split my bit of hazel, and if you want to carry one about, split it halfway and then stop the split running the rest of the way by tying it tight with a bit of wire, a bit like an old peg. wedge the tail into the split, it helps hold it tight and stops it slipping off

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    Cant beat two sticks but I stand on its head better for your back!!!!

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