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Thread: Deben 22ah Lithium battery

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    Deben 22ah Lithium battery

    I have for sale a Deben 22ah Lithium Ion battery. It is only a week old and has had 15 minutes use! It is as new and still boxed these are 225 and worth every penny, they are amazingly light and just slip into a pocket, sold my lamp today so it is just the boxed battery and mains charger for sale. Make me a SENSIBLE offer but please no more jokers!

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    Will take 200 for it, you are getting a brand new battery these last far longer and are far lighter than the rubbish old lead acid ones we all used to lug around.

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    Ok 180 but no lower as it is practicaly new.

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    Sold to "Chris Rob" pending payment.

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