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Thread: .22 Hornet mod and barrel length

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    .22 Hornet mod and barrel length

    I have a cz 527 hornet with a t4 mod on it. It has a 24 inch barrel.
    I was wanting to know if there is a lighter option than the t4 that will work as good. The t4 sits over the barrel so doesn't add too much to the length but is quite heavy.
    I have looked at the wildcat cub 2 mod that is made specifically for the 22 hornet but it goes on the end of the barrel rather than over it.

    I have thought about the wildcat cub 2 and shortening the barrel length, this would then be a nice light rifle for carrying around. What would be the shortest length I could cut it down to without affecting it's performance and does anyone have any experience with this moderator, also what are peoples thoughts about me doing this.

    Is there any other moderators to consider for this calibre that are light?

    Your opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sure it is 24 inch, mine was 22 inch.
    However it has now been shortened to 18 inches and threaded, I have tried a selection of moderators so far.
    Started with a Sac, then a CMM 6, the steel one, only used 2 baffles though to keep weight down, I tried adding a third but could not hear the difference.
    I am now back to using the Sac though as it is light cheap and quiet enough for me.
    The only other mod I had thought of trying is the Pess Mini-T (not mini target) made for rimfires but was recomended by JMS Arms for the Hornet.
    I just have trouble justifying a 230 mod against a 30 one that is working ok.

    Not cronoed any rounds since shortening, but the same loads now hit 1/2 an inch lower at 200 yards than they did before.


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    When you say sak mod, do you mean the ones designed for rimfires, I didn't realise these were suitable for the hornet?
    Does the sak quieten it down ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE GRIFF View Post
    When you say sak mod, do you mean the ones designed for rimfires, I didn't realise these were suitable for the hornet?
    Does the sak quieten it down ok?
    That's the one, a while back the makers web site was in English, and it specially says the humble Sac was designed for the .22 Hornet and smaller calibre's.
    All I can find on their new site is this Oulun Työstökeskus Oy
    As for noise, well I think it is quiet enough, certainly quieter than a CMM6 even with all it's baffles.
    And although not recommended by the maker, the ASE Utra rimfire is very good as well.

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    I had a good long chat with Mike Norris about my Hornet and he suggested a minimum length of 18". That's now the length of my rifle and I'm very pleased with the performance. I would certainly see the barrel chop as the important side of the job rather than mod choice.

    Then on to the mod. I have an Ase S5 on mine which works well but is a little over engineered for the job. I had it already and figured it would do. I used to have a Sak which wasn't as good, but was very acceptable. The Pes Mini T is very very good indeed if you're willing to spend the money.

    In short, cut it down to 18" and see what it's like with the T4 then. The shorter barrel will bring the weight back a long way and should make a huge difference.

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    I would go around 20", maybe 19". Get it spigot threaded and use a Roedale delta or CNM4 mod, these weigh around 200 grammes.

    You will hardly notice the mod.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Thanks for all of the answers.
    My rifle is now with a gunsmith getting shortened to 18 inches, it was 24 inches, so chopping 6 inchs off should make a big difference anyway.
    After lots of reading and searching the net, I think I am going to go for the 'A tec CMM4' as this will do a range of calibre's if ever I decide to get another calibre in the future.

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    I've heard a lot of worrying stories about baffles burning out on those. Lets be honest the Hornet isn't exactly a hot round so will probably be ok, but I'd hold off until you've tried the rifle with your current mod. That barrel reduction will make a huge difference to the feel I promise you. I did it to mine.

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    i would have it at 18 inches. if you reload you can soon make up any speed with a fast burning powder

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    Change of plan, still getting it chopped to 18 inches but ordered the roedale mod with 6 baffles. I spoke to roedale in Germany this morning and have been told I should be able to get away with only 3 baffles in if I want to but will have a play and see what it's like. Even with the 6 baffles it only weighs about 200g.

    Thanks again for all of advice

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