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Thread: Which Scope ? Help Needed.

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    Which Scope ? Help Needed.

    As the title says - I'm looking for a new scope to go on my 7mm08 A bolt. I have a budget of 600 and i think I've narrowed it down to 2 scopes. I want variable, 50mm and either Swaro or Zeiss

    Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50mm
    Swarovski Z3 4-12X50mm

    I can get the Swaro from the US as I have friend going - its currently 600 at Cabelas. The price on the Swaro seems good, but I'm a little put off by the 25mm tube - should I be ?

    There dosn't seem to be many Z3 in the UK but Uttings have them for just over 1k.

    Can anyone offer any avice that may help me decide ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ok why do you need a 30mm tube? Oh the Swaroski will be 1" which is 25.4mm.. There are soem OLD scope that really did have 25mm tubes...

    Do you really need a 50mm objective?

    You don't say what the intended use is for. Having a couple of scopes with 50mm and 56mm objectives I am not convinced for my use a 42mm would not be just as good. Only you can make up your mind if the 50mm is really needed or just a desire.

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    Hi being as you ask for a choice of two i would go with the Z3 the Duralyts not in the same class and i have 30mm and 1inch tube and very little in it. atb Woodydog.

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    My advice is to go and take a look through a Zeiss AND a Swarovski of the same size and spec at the same time. Each manufacturer have their own lense finishes, some of which may suite your eye better ( assuming your eyes are still in good enough condition to be able to tell ). We each pic up a different 'primary' colour and as such you may get a better, clearer image through one particular make of scope / binocular etc. Also....try to look into some shade....under trees or in poorer lighting conditions as this will help determine which suites your eye best. GO FOR THE BEST IMAGE, regardless of make as they are both excellent scopes.
    Also as already posted, unless your intending being out at very first and last light a 40 objective is more than adequate but entirely your happy with your kit as that builds confidence which hopefully results in a better all round long as its well founded confidence!

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    Thanks for your replies.
    Quote Originally Posted by Emma Rifles View Post
    My advice is to go and take a look through a Zeiss AND a Swarovski of the same size and spec at the same time.
    That makes perfect sense - I'll go and do that this week. Although I haven't seen many Z3's advertised in the UK.

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    I'm not a swaro fan but would choose the Z3 because of the smaller tube and being much lighter.


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    If you are on a budget, talk to Macleods in Tain. Gregor has a good selection of second-hand scopes.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Thanks for your input guys. Once I'm sorted I'll let you know.

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