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Thread: .223, mod plus extras

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    .223, mod plus extras

    hi chaps i have for sale the following.
    a .223 remington 700 sps tactical with 30mm rings and bases plus northstar mod with also what ever brass i have left what ever rounds i have left 700 primers a full case of 100 60gr ballistic tip heads and a set of rcbs dies. this set up will only be up for sale until saturady when it will then be taken in for a p/x on a new sako im after so anyone who wants it needs to come and get it by friday evening or it will be gone. the rifle is superbly acurate giving groupings under 1moa with ease but this rifle will not shoot normal 55gr factory ammo due to its fast twist of 1 in 9 so anyone wishing to by this rifle must be able to reload or have access to heavy factory loads so you have been warned. as already said this rifle is extremly acurate and is built by remington as a long range machine and would suit someone who is dailing in ranges very well, ive had the rifle since new and its done around 250rds in that time when ive used it on foxes and munties to great affect. the rifle is totaly standard with the houge overmoulded stock and x-mark pro trigger. im asking for 700 for the lot but i will take offers and i will only deal face to face (wiltshire). also please not the bi-pod, scope and bullet holder are not included in the sale

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    price drop to 650 help anyone ?

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