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Thread: Evening flighting

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    Evening flighting

    Well gents,

    It was blowing a hooligan of a gale up here lastnight, rain was intermittent but usually horizontal...anyway, we'd arranged to flight some ducks on our syndicate pond and nothing was keeping me in.

    Set the hides up and waited for dusk.

    Flocks of oystercatchers & curlews were coming in off the estuary and were a delight to watch and listen to as they curled and glided in the wind.

    Just after darkness we got a lovely flight of around 12-16 wigeon, only managed to bag 4 between us but they were very well presented birds with the wind being so strong.

    Not being greedy we decided to call it a night and the dogs worked well picking the birds in deep rashes and off small islands

    We all had a wee bit of sport and I have 2 hanging in the garage ready for plucking tonight. Magic!!

    There is something magical about duck flighting at dusk and I love it, we have also done quite a bit of work with the pond and its great to see the hard work paying off and the duck numbers returning.
    12-16 birds might not seem a lot to some guys but for us it means a great deal.

    We have now had mallard, teal and wigeon off the pond so things are looking up, we always show restraint when shooting but it's nice to get a brace for the table.

    Not the best of pics but here's my mates two wee cockers who always give it 110% everytime



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    a good bit of wildfowling is some of the best shooting i think you can get and your lucky to have a nice little spot like youve got gaurd it well

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