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Thread: A little trip out last night with the .204

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    Thumbs up A little trip out last night with the .204

    Been on here for a while so thought i better contribute

    After pondering "will I" or "wont i" go out last night I finished my coffee , threw on my shooting gear and packed the rifle. This particular Permission is about 20 mins away so the taste of coffee was still in my mouth as i opened the gate into a large field. Caller (foxpro) squeaking and squealing and I flicked on the lamp (sat in 4 x 4 at this time with a lightforce on remote handle).......nowt in view

    Left if for 5 mins and still nothing so... moved into next field. Same set up, caller on............................................. BINGO.... I could see a set of Diamonds literally running through the nearby by coppice. I wait patiently and within 2 mins i had identified the eyes as Charlie. I lowered the callers volume and on and off and she was trotting / stopping nicely. 120 metres out a final blast on the caller brought her to 90...............trigger squeezed and THWACK!

    I love this time of year...grass is right down, pickings getting more difficult for our red friends

    All in all, a great night.

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    Godd going Gary,Thats what its all about,Last minute decision,shooting gear on and a nice quick drive to your permission,Result also,Its doesnt get any better than that.
    Atb John.

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    Well done mate and a nice looking fox looks I'm top condition.

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