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Thread: S&B or Swaro

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    S&B or Swaro

    I have a S&B hungarian 8x56 30mm which when purchased was about 200 cheaper than the equivalant Swaro. Now in an effort to reduce weight I am thinking of swapping over to a Swaro 8x56 which I believe is about 6oz lighter. As regards quality is their much difference between the two as most of my mates suggest sticking with the S&B?

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    hi i used to have an 8x56 s and b on my .222 never liked it, got shot of it and now have a swaro 2.5 10x 56 with an illuminated reticule and i would not be without it

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    Try a Zeiss 3x12x50 Duralyt I.R at about 800, all the scope you'll ever need, it weighs next to nothing and the optics are exellent, i Have an S&B 8x56 on my 17hmr, it's exellent value for money and probably can't be beaten in that respect, but the Zeiss in in another class.


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    I compared the 8X56 S&B with the Swaro one evening in failing light. The Swaro is lighter though I guess it might be less robust as a result. The Swaro appears to give a better image but when we looked we found that in terms of light gathering there was next to nothing between the two. We concluded that the Swaro image feels better because there was a slightly wider field of view. In terms of light gathering and the ability to see the target we decided that one was as good as the other.

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    I too had a S & B on my 7MM08 didnt like it one bit sold it as soon as i got another Swaovski now im a happy camper once again .

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    I would go with the Swaro 8x50 rather than the 56mm. The 50mm seems much trimmer and lighter to me.

    In fact, I am developing a dislike of 56mm scope's, and a real appreciaton of 42mm scopes. All that weight set high above the rifle action does nothing for the handling characteristics of a rifle.

    I have a PV 2.5-10x42 on my 30/06, it is nearly perfect I think. Might put a Z6i 1.7-10x42 on my 260 some of these days.

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    I have the swaro 8x56 but 6 oz are you serious

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    Used to have a S&B 8x56 german made on my .270 and it was great. I was lucky enough to purchase a Swaro z6i 2-12x50 a 18months ago and can say it's the best scope I've ever used.

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    Mullbiker -
    S&B 625gr, Swaro 450gr, difference 175gr or 6oz approx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W16OEN View Post
    Mullbiker -
    S&B 625gr, Swaro 450gr, difference 175gr or 6oz approx.
    I don't doubt the figures but wondered if to save 6oz it was worth the bother

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